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King Trendix

King Trendix

My Holy Grail

My Holy Grail 4

Exit Indicator

Exit Indicator

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SirFX Team

We are a diverse group of mathematicians and software developers that love Forex trading and that seek for the ultimate way to implement technical analysis for trade. 

After years of experience using ourselves these tools we found SirFX in 2014 to share with the world the best MetaTrader 4 & 5 indicators. 

Since then we keep constantly  upgrading our products and support our customers. If you god any questions – don’t hesitate to contact us.

Exit Indicator

Now for only $99

Especially in the market, it is easy to enter a trade. However, it is hard to exit your trade. This indicator is made to recognize the exit point of your trading.
 When a Blue arrow appears, exit your current sell trade.
When a Red arrow appears, exit your current buy trade.

My Holy Grail

Now for only $149

My Holy Grail indicator is made professionally to predict future trend by using overbought and oversold volumes. We offer you more options to get your own accurate signals by changing the values at different time-frames.

Future Volume

Now for only $199

The indicator Future Volume is a unique, professional financial instrument based on total candle volumes, which is able to predict further price changes. It shows “oversold” and “overbought” points with colors by using candles volume. This indicator does not repaint or not recalculate. 

All lines are shown when a new candle is open, never winking or vanishing in the current candle. These lines are appeared at the beginning of the current candle.

King Trendix

Now for only $249

King Trandix is our latest developed indicator, special for aggressive & fast traders. It provides over X5 more indications for market trend which might be extremely helpful when trading at M15 – H1 on turbulent markets, such as USD/GBP during Brexit time.

Super Bundles

Rookie Trader

$49 OFF!



  • Exit Indicator ($99)

  • Trendix ($99)

  • My Holy Grail 4/5 ($149)

  • 1 Year Support

  • Life Time Software Updates

Pro Trader

$99 OFF!



  • Exit Indicator ($99)

  • Trendix ($99)

  • Peak & Valley ($149)

  • My Holy Grail 4/5 ($149)

  • 2 Year Support

  • Life Time Software Updates


Expert Trader

$250 OFF!



  • King Trendix ($249)

  • Future Volume ($199)

  • Peak & Valley ($149)

  • My Holy Grail 4/5 ($149)

  • Exit Indicator ($99)

  • 3 Year Support

  • Life Time Software Updates


Read what our customers think of SirFX indicators

Before finding SirFX I had the problem of not knowing when to exit. Now, with my trading strategy, Future Volume, and the Exit Indicator, my winning trades almost always end up with decent profit (if I break even it’s my fault for staying in). I also had the problem of the price reversing on me when I entered trades. Now I can enter trades with minimal or even no time in drawdown when I use My Trendy, My Swingy, and the above 2 indicators together. I never thought I’d find such useful indicators, but SirFX has at least 4 that I highly recommend.
Jason Lowe, New Zealand

I edited my review now. I tested this indicator with my manual scalp system over 1 month. It’s real good indicator. I’m very happy with this fantastic tool. The seller is really kind and professional. He is trustworthy. I recommend. It couldn’t be better
Jin hee Lee, South Korea (from MQL5 Market)

Good product, best service ever!
Le Vu Nguyen, Vietnam (from MQL5 Market)

Really good indicator, most of the time you can catch top and bottom . Good support of the seller as well !
Camille Delagneau, France (from MQL5 Market)

First class product and first class support. Thoroughly recommended. I use Future Volume with Exit Indicator and it generates brilliant signals.
Richard Adams, United Kingdom (from MQL5 Market)

I just purchased the indicator, and learn how it works thru history. It works AMAZING! And another thing… the author gives a TOP NOTCH support and FAST response to any questions I have. Today is Sunday, I cannot wait to use it right away on my trading!! ^_^
Mohamed Elsayed, United States (from MQL5 Market)

Hi, I again earned 453.89$ in a one day on my Live Account with this Indicator. Thanks
Mohammad Sameer Kureshi, India (from MQL5 Market)

If you’re a serious trader Future Volume is an essential indicator. If you don’t incorporate Volume into your trading setup, well you should and essential to predict market turning-points / end of trends. The indicator literally paid for it’s self in 2 days and you will find you have more confidence to let trades run for bigger profits..Customer Service is excellent with first class support and regular updates from Murat to improve the usability.. I use this with Exit Indicator from SirFx 🙂
Jason Pook, United Kingdom (from MQL5 Market)

Excellent indicator!
Djamal Adib,Gibraltar (from MQL5 Market)

Great tool to have in the shed. great customer service!
Cassandra Jansen, United States

Excellent indicator , recommend.
Paolo tagliaferri, Italy (from MQL5 Market)

The indicator is awesome and great. Many trading systems will fail eventually (untradeable.)
But with this indicator, it is possible to make the solid trading system with other method. I’ve never seen this kind of indicator before.
Musicpurucom, Bermuda (from MQL5 Market)

This is a very good tool that makes trading decision easier. it is highly recommended
Iaderibigbe, United Kingdom (from MQL5 Market)

Good Indicator for Scalper. Regards.
Enoperche, Italy (from MQL5 Market)

It is great indicator. In one day I made more than $400.
Mabualrub, Saudi Arabia (from MQL5 Market)

Very good indicator. It has helped a lot in the trades. Recommend!
Fxbrtrader10, Brazil (from MQL5 Market)

Good indicator, good support of the seller, all which says in the presentation is true! It says many of the false signals also! But possible to integrate him into an EA and with other indicators!
Dh9999, France (from MQL5 Market)

Hi SirFx, well, since 2 weeks of intensive analysis,testing and trading…. i finally must say, that your indicator Future Volume, is one of the best indicator i have ever used. I have combined with my volume and delta indicators, and its awesome. Thank you very much. Very good work man, keep me updated for future versions please. Anything that i can help you, im here 😉 Thanks for all.

Very good indicators and very good service. Happy with both things. Thanks
Rafael Moro Torrado, SirFX Official Facebook page

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