Future Volume 4.1

The indicator Future Volume is a unique, professional financial instrument based on total candle volumes, which is able to predict further price changes. It shows “oversold” and “overbought” points with colors by using candles volume. This indicator does not repaint or not recalculate. All lines are shown when a new candle is open, never winking or vanishing in the current candle. These lines are appeared at the beginning of the current candle. You can watch our other indicator’s videos to see the movement of signals in current candle.

* When blue line is appeared, that shows the “oversold” area, so then prepare yourself to enter further trade.
* When red line is appeared, that shows “overbought” area, so then prepare yourself to enter further trade.
This indicator notifies of all signals via alerts, push notifications and email.
Future Volume Indicator

Get it now for $199

What’s included?

  1. Installation and usage guide
  2. Up to 3 MT4 account activations – included
  3. Lifetime software updates (we release on average every 2-3 months)
  4. Get 1 year of email technical support
  5. Special offers and discounts for other SirFX products


1) “Volume index” and “Filter 1” are giving signals for choppy (sideways) market.
2) “Filter 2” and “Filter 3” are giving signals for trend markets. “Filter 4” is a filter of trend markets.
If you set Volume index=0, Filter1=0 and let others be default, you can see signals for trend markets.
If you set Filter2=0,Filter3=0,Filter4=0 and let others be same, you can see signals of sideways markets.

(0,0,5,3,30) for trend market settings…

(3,2,0,0,0) for sideways (choppy) market settings…

(3,2,5,3,30) for both markets…

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